Product Info

Product Information

The Benefits of Using Fax Michigan


You no longer need to waste time standing next to the fax machine, waiting for that important document to slowly print out. You no longer need to stop by the office to see if your customer faxed in that big order you’ve been waiting for. And you no longer need to have someone sort through the faxes and hand deliver them to the employees. With Fax Michigan’s “fax to email” service, you can bypass outdated technology by receiving faxes directly in your email inbox as PDF attachments. Save, forward or print the documents as needed. Save time, increase productivity . . . the possibilities are endless. Once you start receiving faxes in your email, you’ll never go back to a fax machine.

 Unlimited incoming faxes for a flat monthly fee

 Receive faxes as email attachments (PDF file format)

 Receive faxes on multiple email addresses simultaneously

 Access your faxes from anywhere through your email account

 Keep confidential faxes private

 Save important faxes on your computer for future viewing

 Forward your faxes to others via email

 Print faxes only if and when you need a hard copy

 Includes 30 pages of outbound faxes per month

 Keep your existing fax number or get a new local number

 Eliminate the cost of a traditional fax/phone line

 Your fax number is never busy

 Assign private fax numbers to your managers, sales reps, etc.

 Save money on fax toner and supplies

 It’s paperless – Enjoy less clutter and help the environment too!


Service is available only in Michigan. Includes unlimited inbound faxes and up to 30 pages per month of outbound faxing.  Excess outbound pages are billed at 5 cents per page.  Local fax numbers may not be available in certain geographic areas.  Existing fax numbers that are ported to Fax Michigan will no longer be functional on your fax machine.  In some cases your existing carrier may not allow you to transfer your fax number to Fax Michigan.